Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So, we are officially at the jumping-off point, for yard renovation (and some small projects inside, as well).

The biggest (and main) project is going to be the front yard. The front yard was Zoysia grass, which is drought-resistant, and doesn't "green up" well. The green you see in the pictures is actually clover!

This is what we did LAST weekend. THIS weekend, we will begin the work of tilling and seeding, watering, and making the flowerbeds. Even if we don't get any plants or flowers planted this year, it will be nice to have the way paved!

We also received a couple of new pieces of furniture (Thank you AGAIN, Debbie! LOL). I girlied-up the bathroom, so it looks like a woman lives in this house.

We are looking forward to the summer! Next project will be painting inside the house. Which leads to the hanging of the new draperies... and then, of course the carpet is going to need re-stretched. Which, while we're at it, we might as well install some tile ... and... well... lots of stuff. ;)

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